Shredder two axes B300 B400 B600

Shredder B series

The B-series shredder is a robust reduction machine for versatile applications in different industries like recycling, plastics, packaging, food, car tyres, shipping, etc. The stable carving consists of two axes that slowly rotate against each other with cutting blades fitted with hooks, which cut the material to be reduced. The interchangeable scrapers prevent material from depositing between the blades. As the shafts with knives rotate against each other asynchronously, the knives clean themselves automatically. The control system is located in a control box and checks all functions. The machine is secured in such a way that in the event of an overload an electronic reverse system will cause the cutting work to be reversed. The number of reversals is adjustable. 

Note: The blades can be used in various widths. This allows you to determine the dimensions of the final product yourself. Installation is exclusive of collection container. The B400 frame is suitable for 120 L containers and the B600 frame is suitable for 240 L containers.

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