ECS Spherical Segment Shutoff Valve

Spherical segment valve

The ECS spherical segment valve has the advantages of the gate valve and the ball valve combined. The Spherical Segment Shutoff Valve, abbreviated in Dutch to BSA, is a product which ECS van Vught has been supplying for more than 30 years. This tried and tested design is a reliable and solid shutoff valve. The standard version is primarily employed in powder and granulate products, in a wide range of sectors. The passage for which the BSAs from ECS are supplied ranges from 4”to 14”.

Specific advantages are:

·         In the “open” position, the spherical segment is entirely withdrawn from the product flow, permitting unreduced passage and hence optimum through flow.

·         Minimal wear and contamination of sealing surfaces.

·         Thanks to a solid, smart design, this shutoff valve offers an extremely long service life.

·         During closure, the spherical segment is as it were rotated by the product flow itself, and forced against a plastic seat.

·         During switching, the spherical segment is as it were “released” from the seat, as a result generating no friction resistance. As a consequence, this valve can be opened and closed very rapidly, at high frequency.

·         The spherical segment rotates in a “closed” housing. In other words, there is no soiling or leakage outside.

·         This very solid shutoff valve is manufactured entirely to customer specifications.

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