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The Glass crusher is a one shaft fast turning machine. The friendly using machine is suited for the crushing  of different glass products. The glass bottles and jars are being crushed by fast turning pins and granulate by the rotor. The advantages  of using this machine will be: Ca. 80% volume reduction, reduction of storage and transport cost, ordination and cleanness, friendly using and saving of time.

Technical specification:
Power   : 0,37  [kW]
Tension   : 220 Vac, 50 [Hz.]
Connector with cable : 1½ [m]
Weight   : 45 [Kg]
Dimension Glass Crusher:
Height  : 1000  [mm]
Width  : 400 [mm]
Deep  : 600 [mm]
Feed opening  : ø 115  [mm]
Material  : Stainless Steel
Container  : Plastic crate
Dimension crate:
Height  : 230  [mm]
Width  : 290 [mm]
Deep  : 400 [mm]

Suitable for:
The machine is suited for glass bottles and jars with the maximum dimensions of 115mm, length 400mm.


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