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ECS Monsternemer
ECS Monsternemer
ECS Monsternemer

The ECS sampler is an instrument manufactured to customer requirements, designed for extracting a small quantity of product from a pipeline or silo. Depending on the product, the required quantity and the conditions according to which the product must be removed from the process, we will offer a suitable solution. A “standard” version is used in granulate or powder pipes, mounted either vertically or at an angle.
The sampler consists of a tube which is inserted through a product pipe. In this tube, on one side, is a groove which has an open connection to the discharge duct. Via a pneumatically-operated rotating cylinder, the tube is rotated in such a way that the groove moves to the top, so that the product can flow out through the opening. The “sample“ can then be directed to the required location, via a discharge pipe.

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