ECS Pipe Cleaning Unit

Pipe cleaning unit

The pipe cleaning unit (abbreviated in Dutch to LRU) from ECS is a compact brushing / blowing system for cleaning pipe systems. This safe and solid tool was designed for dry cleaning the inside of a pipe system, using an air motor-driven brush.

• The device consists of a steel frame with stainless steel plating
• The frame is mounted on two support wheels and two swivel wheels, making it easy to relocate. During operation, the brakes guarantee that the device is stable.
• The brush has a standard diameter of  220 mm, with stainless steel wires; various diameters and wire types can of course be supplied on request.
• The air motor is mounted on a spring-strengthened hose, dimensioned to withstand the torque which occurs during brushing.
• The infeed trolley for the brush and hose can be adjusted via a system of guides.
• A pneumatic hose reel is responsible for the delivery and retrieval of the air motor brush in the pipe, and is fitted with an adjustable end stop.

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