ECS Extruder Screw Puller


(Dis)assembly of extruder screws: now safe and simple thanks to the ECS Screw Puller. Every company that uses an extruder will confirm that the disassembly and positioning of the screw is a time-consuming, awkward and sometimes also hazardous task. Every employee involved in this work will regularly have wondered whether there is not a better way of doing this job: faster, safer and with less risk of damage. The answer is Yes! ECS van Vught bv. has developed a device, known as the Screw Puller, which can make the (dis)assembly of extruder screws a rapid, safe and easy task, irrespective of whether the screw is at high temperature. These positive aspects are important for every company, including yours! Almost inescapably, you must at least consider purchasing this device. And once you have seen the device in action, there is no doubt, you will want to have one, too.

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General information

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