Barrel press FP 3000


The FP 3000, with a pressing power of 28 tons, is excellently suited for the compression of light sheet-metal or rolling hoop barrels. The residual fluids discharged during compression are collected in a collecting basin. The robust and reliable technology makes this press almost maintenance free. With short cycle times and very simple handling, the  FP 3000 represents an economical and effective waste management solution. It is also available in an explosion-proof version when barrels with combustible residues must be compressed. The operation is then optionally performed via hand-lever control or push-button control.

Technical data Type FP 3000:
Pressing power : 28 [ton]
Compression time: 31  [sec]
Motor  : 400 [V]
Power :  7,5 [kW]
Barrel dimensions:
Diameter  ø  : 618 [mm]
Height : 1092 [mm]
Machine dimensions:
Width  : 1168 [mm]
Depth : 960 [mm]
Height : 2892 [mm]
Weight : 990 [kg]

Technical characteristics:
 Small installation height and area facilitate installation
 Fully enclosed construction with inspection window provides high safety and prevents the generation of dirt
 Press ram with spikes for opening the barrel and collecting basin for residual fluids facilitate disposal
 The modern electronics and membrane keyboard with LED display facilitate operation provide safety
 Automatic return stroke saves time, operating and personnel costs
 Almost maintenance-free and long-life electro-hydraulic system reduces maintenance costs
 Special hydraulic cylinders with hard-chromed piston rod reduce wear, save follow-on costs, increase the service life
 Press ram guide following on all sides, even during the compression and especially in the critical lower area reduces wear and saves follow-on costs
 State-of-the-art HSM technology provides high economic efficiency.

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